Hundure Remote Access Control Solution for Rental Apartment

Hundure Remote Access Control Solution for Rental Apartment

Manage Your Rental Apartment Remotely and Conveniently!

With the rental apartment management app, the landlord can open the door remotely without going to the apartment, thereby saving round-trip time and transportation costs.


Mrs. Eyre is a retiree who lives 20 miles from the city. She has a 10-room apartment in the city, some of which have been rented out. Sometimes her tenants forgot the access card, so she had to drive 20 miles to the apartment to open the room door. And then she needed to spend the same time going back home. This bothered her so much. Besides, if the prospective tenant wanted to visit the apartment, the leasing agent needed to go to her house to get the access card. After visiting apartment, the agent had to return back the card in case the access card is copied. This wasted time and money.

In order to overcome these problems, she installs Hundure Remote Rental Apartment Management System. From now on, all she has to do is to gently tap APP on her smartphone to unlock the apartment door, even if she is at home where is 20 miles far from the city. It is no longer necessary to give or take back the card. Similarly, there is no more transportation fee and time to be spent. Managing the apartment is not a big hassle any longer.

Project Requirements

  • An access controller needs to provide the functions that can remote to unlock the door through APP.
  • An access controller is able to read the proximity access card to control the door access.
  • The system can be set the tenant’s access authorizations and the rental timeframe.
  • The system can be set the remote control function to open and close the apartment door remotely.
System Device Name Device Model
Rental Apartment Management System
Single-door Access Controller RAC-A10
Rental Apartment Management APP HRTS APP

Function Descriptions

  • Door access control: Allowed to unlock door by proximity card, or proximity card with Pin code, or APP.
  • Authorization setting: The landlord can set the tenant’s access authorizations, access card expiry date, and leasing expiry date.
  • Remote control functions:
    • Remote Open: After this function is enabled, the door will be unlocked and will remain the unlock status until the "Remote Close" function is enabled.
    • Open Once: After enabling this function, the door can only be opened once and lasts for a few seconds. After the timeout, the door will automatically be locked.
    • Remote Close: After enabling this function, the door will be locked.


After installing Hundure Remote Access Control System, these benefits are created.

  • More convenience: It will be easier and more convenient for the leasing agent and prospective tenant to visit the apartment. The leasing agent informs the landlord for remoting to unlock the door immediately when they arrive at the apartment.
  • Save time and money: The landlord can unlock the door by APP even if he is not at apartment. He can save the round-trip time and transportation costs.
  • More secure: The access card is only kept by tenant. The landlord doesn’t need to give the access card to the leasing agent, so there is no the risk for the card being copied.


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