Hundure Hospital Visitor Management System ~ Utilized Dynamic QR Code to Effectively Manage Visitor Access!

Hundure Hospital Visitor Management System ~ Utilized Dynamic QR Code to Effectively Manage Visitor Access!

Providing a safe and efficient visiting restriction for hospital to reduce the risk of infection and ensure the safety of vulnerable patients!


The COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak has drawn increased international attention as the virus quickly spreads across the world. People come to realize the importance of epidemic prevention, especially in hospital. While the coronavirus disease is still spreading, it is a priority to ensure the safety of vulnerable patients. A safe and efficient visiting restriction, therefore, will reduce the risk of infection.

XXX Hospital is a leading medical center with about 300 beds specialized in cancer treatment and care. It has taken precautions to protect and maintain the health and safety of patients and staff during the COVID-19 outbreak and to prevent the introduction of this infection into the hospital. The hospital has protocols in place to maximize the safety of all who enter its hospital and facilities. These safety protocols include limiting visitors to accompany patients to appointments or visit hospitalized patients in the hospital.

Generally speaking, there are hundreds of visitors get into the hospital a day. In order to manage a large number of visitors, the hospital must have a system which can control the main entrance of each floor to prevent visitors from intruding the areas of patient rooms. On the other hand, visitors must obtain permission cards to enter the controlled areas. Basically, the hospital provides two types of permission cards for visitors. One is physical visitor card which is used by the care partner of patient and issued by service staffs when the patient is hospitalized. It can be used multiple times and must be returned after the patient is discharged. The other is a temporary card used by temporary visitors and only is valid once.

Owing to these reasons, XXX Hospital needs systems to assist to control main entrance of patient rooms on each floor and to manage the large number of visitors. Hundure access control management system and visitor management system, therefore, have been adopted to this hospital. Hundure visitor management system can be registered on-site, which simplifies the process of visitor temporary card application. The application process can be done through self-registration machine that is unnecessary to contact the staff directly. In addition, Dynamic QR Code is used as temporary card because it can be generated quickly and only be valid one-time within set time.

Project Requirements


  • A device needs to provide the functions that can manage the door accesses control according the visitor‘s visiting schedules.
  • A device is able to read the physical access card and QR code.


  • The software is able to assign the multiple access authorizations and visiting time frame for different cardholders.
  • The software needs to provide the functions that the visitor can register his visiting schedule.
  • The software can generate visitor access QR Code and print it out. The QR Code is a one-time QR Code which only can be used once and valid in the limited time.


System Device Name Device Model
Visitor Management System
2 Door Control Panel RAC-2000WSN
QR Code Reader PXR-Q1MWS
Access Control System HAMS
Visitor Management System EVS (SQL Version)

Function Descriptions

Visitor management flow

  • On-site registrations: Visitor need to insert his NHI card and input the visiting time, patient no., patient name, floor no. and room no..
  • Issue the QR Code: After receiving the new registration, the system will auto-generate QR Code and print it out as a temporary visitor card.
  • Dynamic QR Code: The QR Code only can be used one-time within limited time and is automatically invalid after using.
  • Record inquiry: The staff can search for visiting records by date, patient name, room number, visitor name and relationship. The search result can be exported as excel file.


After installing QR code readers and access control system, these benefits are received

  • Quick and easy visitor registration: Effectively manage the temporary visitor with automated error-free visitor registration.
  • Labor-free: Self-registration can save visitor’s waiting time and labor costs.
  • Safe and hygiene: No staff is required to contact visitors, which can reduce the risk of contact with infection and protect the health of both staff and visitors.
  • Smart and Secure: Record all of visiting information by system. The system allow efficient management of visitor information ensuring on-premise security at hospitals.
  • Reduce the risk of visitors’ data disclosure: The system replace of paper sign-in, so all of visitor data is stored in the system. It can prevent the visitor data is copied or seen.
  • Easily replace the old visitor paper log: This is the best solution for updating an existing paper-based visitor management process.


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