A reader presents something different

A reader presents something different

RRR Development has a team of seasoned construction professionals with over 65 years of combined technical expertise and knowledge across a wide range of property types. They had a development of high-rise luxury apartment complex with 4 buildings, 18 stories, total 320-unit apartments and had some amenities like Swimming Pool, Fitness Center, Yoga/Dance Studio, Playground, Business Center, Library,...etc.

The high-end access control system has to be installed to present the complex a high-tech, high security and high value image. Security systems are very common at the market, but they were looking for something different from regular access control systems. A high end, high security and nice-looking access control system combining cutting-edge technology and aesthetics is absolutely needed to match their high class design style.

They also required some features like : the access control system would only allow residents to access their respective buildings and floors to enhance privacy; made it easy to control and track who and when have access to fitness center, yoga studio or computer room; card / token could be easily added / deleted; if a token is lost, it could easily be barred from the system; card-present and password entry were both required to access the motor room; the alarms had to be linked and activated if the door was left open over predetermined duration, or the door of motor room was opened under duress, software interface had to be very friendly and intuitive...etc

RRR development chose Hundure RAC-2000WSN and the fancy readers PXR-A1K as the access control system and use Hundure HDE-100 for the elevator floor control.

"Hundure brand is very popular in the market. The fancy reader PXR-A1K looks pretty nice that really matches our design style. We like something special and unique. The reader PXR-A1K really catches our eyes and it is totally different from the regular readers in the market. The control panel RAC-2000WSN is very powerful. It can totally meet our requirements on access control system. Additionally, the elevator control panel can be easily added to the system without any extra efforts. What a perfect combination that totally meet our requirements." Mr. Myles says.

Key features of RAC-2000WSN:

- Ethernet (TCP/IP) interface
- 15,000 cardholders
- 40,000 transactions
- Connects T2/Wiegand or RS-485 readers x 4
- Built-in 8 inputs (Door Sensors x 2, Exit Buttons x 2, Case sensor x 4)
- Built-in 4 relays (for Locks x 2 & Alarms x 2)
- Two-door interlock & Anti-Passback function
- Door forced open or left open alarm

Key features of PXR-A1K:

- Slim, stylish design, capacitive touch keypad with blue backlight.
- Conforms to ISO 14443A, supporting MIFARE card.
- Unique ID or Block read format supported and programmable key value.
- Built-in Tamper Switch



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