Video Intercom Doorbell @Home

Hundure HDB-P573 Video Intercom Doorbell @home~

Try to imagine this situation. It's almost time for your appointment with your friend, but you can't go home right away. Then how did you deal with it before? Call him to make another appointment? Or keep him outside waiting until you are backing home? None of these seem like good ideas. The best thing to do is to install the HDB-P573 doorbell and your friends will never have to wait outside again. The HDB-P573 works with free APPs for Apple and Android devices, so it creates a state where you're always at home even when you're not actually at home! When your friend rings the doorbell, you instantly know he is at your door with remote alerts and notifications sent directly to your smartphone. So you can answer the door and open it from anywhere with your smartphone. You can send him an authorized QR code to unlock the door. Or you can unlock the door remotely.



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