Hundure RAC-960-V PoE Access Controller Series

Hundure RAC-960-V PoE Access Controller Series –

Powered by Ethernet

The RAC-960-V uses Power over Ethernet and eliminates the need for additional power cables, saving cabling costs and time.

RAC-960-V is a PoE based smart standalone controller with full access management capabilities. It can work with any Wiegand output reader, widely used for access control managemnt at Office, Factory, and Residential Gates etc.. It also is suitable for working in the place where requires the high security access management, such as the financial institute, laboratory, research center, and server room.

Powered by Ethernet, RAC-960-V can be powered directly through the network cable without any external power supply. Therefore, there is no need for cumbersome power wiring, which not only saves the construction and maintenance costs of equipment power supply, such as power cords, sockets, pipes, etc, but also saves the hardware installation time. With these advantages, RAC-960-V can be installed more conveniently in any corner of building.

The RAC-960-V is a powerful access controller, ideal for access management and even attendance management. The controller can accommodate up to 40,000 cardholders and 100,000 event records, with multiple schedule settings, including 32 siren outputs, various types of work schedules, 32 work shifts and 100 holiday schedule per year. The current shift and active alarm will be displayed on the controller's LCD. In addition, the RAC-960-V allows standalone operation and setup while offline.

The stability and reliability of the RAC-960-V proves that it can work smoothly in any different scenarios in office and factory areas. Its high security and large memory capacity can meet the access control and employee attendance needs of most small and medium enterprises.

※※ RAC-960F-V PoE FINGERPRINT CONTROLLER is also available!

Key features of RAC-960-V

  • On-board lithium battery ensures data storage can reach up to 1 year upon power outage.
  • Bell key design. Suit for various location.
  • Standalone operation & setting function
  • Support swipe card and swipe card with pin codes enter modes.
  • The memory of the standard model is 40,000 cardholders (max) and 100,000 events.
  • Casing tamper proof detection and door tampers alarm.
  • Slim, stylish design with waterproof sensitive touch keypad with blue backlight.
  • Provide 128 time zones and time schedules, 8 time conditional unlock door schedules. (per week)
  • Built-in RS-485 and TCP / IP communication interface to PC.
  • Supports PoE (Power Over Ethernet); The controller can be powered directly through the network cable without any external power supply.
  • Display name on the LCD screen after swiped card.
  • Memory buffer full warning. When memory capacity reaches 90%, it will make a warning sound to alert the system administrator for data collection.
  • Blacklist and Duress card/code setting. When door opened in the emergency, the controller will send signal to control center at the same time for tracing and rescue.
  • Programmable disarm code and able set maximum attempts to trigger re-swipe card alarm. The controller time-out function will avoid intrusion in and has self security.
  • Provide 32 working shifts and 32 siren output. LCD will display current shift and activate alarm. Provide 100 holiday schedules per year.
  • Able to connect external slave reader and support Anti-Passback to every single door.
  • Conforms to ISO 14443A standard; supporting Mifare card; Unique ID or Block read format supported. (Mifare formate only)
  • The standard model can access 950 users with 2 fingerprint templates per each user (total 1,900 fingerprint templates ). (For RAC-960F-V)
  • Quick and accurate fingerprint verification, supports 1:1 authentication & 1:N identification. And audible voice prompts guiding users during verification process. (For RAC-960F-V)


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