Hundure Smart Locker Management System for Swimming Pool

Hundure Smart Locker Management System for Swimming Pool

Hundure lockers offer a smart, flexible and secure storage solution for swimming pool locker rooms.


XX swimming pool is a membership-based indoor swimming pool located in the community sports center. Just like the layout of most swimming pools, after passing through the main passage, locker rooms for men and women are distributed on both sides. However, there is no access control system at the entrance of the men's and women's locker rooms. It is possible for the members, therefore, may unintentionally enter the wrong area to cause the unnecessary misunderstanding.

The men's and women's locker rooms both have the equipments of mechanical key lockers. Sometimes the member forgot to lock the door of locker, leading to theft. Moreover, sometimes the member lost the locker key, or left it in somewhere else. The staff was quite often, therefore, to be asked for open the locker. On the other hand, the loss of the keys will increase the costs of duplicating the keys.

In order to solve problems and protect the safeties of the members and their belongings, the management team decides to install the new access control system and locker management system.

Install Hundure smart locker management system that works with the locker room access wristbands and impress the members. Unlike traditional locker rooms which suffer from issues such as lost keys. Hundure smart locker management system is a low-maintenance, easy-to-use and flexible locker system. The locker authorization is assigned by the administrator or the system and the door of locker is opened with an RFID wristband. It provides a contactless experience when using the locker. Combine the locker system with the access management system to provide swimming pool members with a safe and seamless user experience. Hundure smart locker system offers the ability to use the lockers for long-term and temporary use and is easy to expand for future use by additional members. The smart locker system is reliable, safe and user-friendly.

Project Requirements


  • The multi-door access control panel is required to control the main door of men locker room and the main door of women locker room. The other is control the staff room and machinery room.
  • Locker controller is required to control the locks of lockers in men and women locker rooms.
  • RFID readers are required to read the RFID wristband to unlock the door of the authorized locker room, and it can also unlock the lock of the designated number locker.


  • The system can be set the access authorizations for staffs and members.
  • The system can assign the locker numbers for members' uses.


Function Descriptions

  • Door access control: Allowed to unlock the door of access point by RFID wristband.
  • Authorization setting: The staff can set the member door access authorization, and locker usage authorization.
  • Issue the RFID wristband: After setting the member authorization for door access point and locker, the staff issues the RFID wristband.
  • Flow of locker management system


  • Save costs: Wear the key in the member’s wrist, so it is unlike traditional locker rooms which suffer from issues such as lost keys. This can save the costs for duplicating the lost key of locker.
  • More secure: More secure: All of the door access points are fully controlled that can avoid the members uncarefully intruding the unauthorized area. This can protect member’s privacy and safe.


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