Hundure PXR-RNMWSK Random Scrambling Reader

Hundure PXR-RNMWSK Random Scrambling Reader - The PIN Won't Be Detected by Onlookers Any More

Upgrade your door access security!

PXR-RNMWSK is a high-secure reader because of its intelligent design for keypad. It has a keypad of variable sorting digits, so the user no longer worries about entered pin code detected by onlookers! Unique viewing angle restriction design prevent peeping, so only a user standing directly in front of the keyboard can see the scrambled digits.

PXR-RNMWSK is suitable for the higher-security requested environments, such as Bank Vault, Safe Deposit Box Room, Server Room, Data Center, Research Center, and Laboratory.


  • Digits Sort Randomly
  • Prevent Peeping
  • Keys Wear Equally
  • illuminated Keys
  • Wiegand + RS-485 Dual Interface


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