Hundure RAC-2400N TCP/IP 4/8/16 Door Control Panel Series

Hundure RAC-2400N TCP/IP 4/8/16 Door Control Panel Series

More Powerful, More Reliable and More Flexible for Higher Security of Access Control!

RAC-2400N series is a powerful, reliable, and stable access control panel for controlling 4/8/16 doors. The control panel is designed separately from the card reader to ensure that the door cannot be forcibly invaded if the card reader is damaged by an unauthorized person.RAC-2400N series can connect up to 4/8/16 door magnetic inputs, 4/8/16 door switch inputs, and 4/8/16 L-type readers (RS-485 interface). When it connects the ACU-100 slave control panel, the control panel can set to 2-way readers to connect up to 8/16/32 readers (Wiegand interface).

The control panel adopts a future-proof structural design,features TCP/IP communication interface and accommodates up to the capacity of 30,000 (4M)/100,000 (8M) cardholders and 80,000 transactions which is conducive to the future expansion of enterprise. The communication data is encrypted, which improves the security of access control. All data of access control system can be transferred quickly and simultaneously to all of readers via TCP/IP.

In addition, the control panel supports offline operation and is designed with tamper-proof switches. Fire link is also supported to release all locks and trigger an alarm. In the event of a fire, all doors can be opened and alarms triggered so that all customers or employees inside the building can evacuate quickly.

The RAC-2400N series is fully integrated with HAMS access control management software and card readers. An incredible feature of this system is the support of all the different card types, such as normal, disabled, blacklist, patrol, visitor, duress, super card, etc. These cards can be monitored and customized. In terms of alarm, the panel includes control panel tamper-proof alarm, unsecured door alarm, forced entry alarm, door open timeout alarm, duress alarm, and invalid card swipe alarm. Furthermore, the system supports dual-card authorization to offer the higher security.

The RAC-2400N series is an extreamly advanced access control system that covers reliability, scalability, flexibility and robust functions to secure the premises. It is available for RAC-2400N-4 (4 doors), RAC-2400N-8 (8 doors) and RAC-2400N-16 (16 doors) control panels which can satisfy the multi-door control needs.

System Architecture

Key features of RAC-2400N Access Control Panel

  • Controls 4/8/16 doors
  • Built-in Ethernet (TCP/IP) interface to PC
  • 30,000 (4M)/100,000 (8M) cardholders
  • 80,000 transactions
  • Supports 2-way (In and Out) door control
  • Built-in 2 sensors (Input Sensor x 1, Case Sensor x 1)
  • Fire-linking function to release all locks under the control panel
  • Built-in 1 relay (for alarm)
  • Supports Anti-passback, blacklist, duress code/card functions


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