Hundure HAC-4200N Web-based 4-door Access Control Panel~~

Hundure HAC-4200N Web-based 4-door Access Control Panel

Maximum Security For Access!

HAC-4200N control panel is a powerful, reliable and stable access control panel for 4 doors. It adopts a separate design of the controller and the card reader, which can be connected to 8 Wiegand card readers or 8 RS-485 card readers to ensure that the access control point will not be forcibly invaded when the card reader is destroyed by unauthorized person.

HAC-4200N is built-in a web server which is able to remote to control functions through the browser. Using the web server to manage user account and system configuration is getting more and more popular that will be able to help every system operators fulfill their projects and plans quickly and easily.

HAC-4200N supports anti-passback (ANTI-PASSBACK) setting function which can effectively prevent the repeated use of cards or the multi-use of one card. This control panel also has advanced tamper-proof, watchdog and communication encryption designs, which strengthen the security of the controller and provide reliable guarantees for the stable operation of the entire system. MULTI-DOOR INTERLOCKING and DUAL AUTHORIZATIONS authentication functions strengthen the security of the control area and reduce the risk of tailgating and fraud.

The other of the features worth mentioning of this system is all the different card types supported, for instance, normal, disabled, blacklist, patrol, visitor, duress, super card, etc. These can be monitored and set by the self-customized notifications. Regarding the alert functions of the controller, card reader tamper-proof alarms, door ajar alarms, forced entry alarms, door open overtime alarms, duress alarms, and invalid card swipe attempts alarms are included. An alarm for insufficient storage and network disconnection for offline events are allowed to be set.

Key features of PXR-71 reader series

  • Controls 4 Doors
  • Built-in a Web Server
  • Operates Functions through Browser
  • Connects 8 of T2/ Wiegand / RS-485 readers
  • Supports 2~4 door Interlocks
  • Supports Anti-passback


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