Hundure Random Scrambling Reader Achieves High Security Performance
PXR-RNMWSK Reader combines key scrambling with unique viewing angle restrictors, so its scramble keypads can prevent onlookers from detecting the code being entered. Only the user standing in front of the reader can see the random digits.
Dynamic QRCode Boost The Higher Access Security!
HUNDURE PXR-Q1MWS QRCode Reader –A fast “SCAN” for your easy and convenient access!
Worked with Hundure controller and APP, Dynamic QRCode function on APP can deliver one-time or limited-time QRCode to prevent theft or reuse.
No Matter "TOUCH" or "NON-TOUCH" Authentications Are Safe And Hygienic!
The Safest and Most Hygienic Access Controller - Hundure RAC-971PMF-UV “UV-CLEAN” Fingerprint Access Controller. Support fingerprint, access control card and mobile phone NFC of which "contact" or "non-contact" authentication methods. Assure 100% of safe and secure!!
Hundure RAC-970F-UV “UV-CLEAN” Fingerprint Access Controller!
Hundure RAC-970F-UV “UV-CLEAN” Fingerprint Access Controller protects you from infection just like you wear a “FACE MASK". It provides you with a hygienic and secure workplace!
Care Of Your Access Safety And Healthy!
Hundure RAC-970PEF-UV/PMF-UV Ultraviolet Fingerprint Access Controller provides you with a hygienic and secure workplace!


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