Hundure launches its OSDP access control reader to achieve the heightened secure communication!

Hundure launches its OSDP access control reader to achieve the heightened secure communication

OSDP is a communication standard that brings more consistency, as well as heightened security and better interoperability among different manufacturers’ devices. By means of OSDP, Hundure PXR-92ES(K)-OSP readers offer the precise authentication and encrypted communication to improve greater security.

Hundure PXR-92ES(K)-OSP reader supports OSDP communication. The OSDP protocol ensures interoperability among security devices, monitors wiring to protect against security threats. It is not like to other reader-to-controller communication standards are very outdated and provide less security and encryption. OSDP breaks down those barriers and provides the ability for supervision, encryption and more robust management of device.

PXR-92ES(K)-OSP reader supports encrypted communication of high-end 128-bit AES encryption to more effectively prevent the interception of data between controllers and readers. It uses bi-directional communication that allows information to be collected, shared, and acted upon immediately. OSDP can offer more streamlined and centralized management of devices and readers. This includes the ability to transmit updates of firmware and configurations from the controller to all readers downstream. It is better than the updates were done in the past where a person had to physically touch a reader to make the updates.

In addition, this OSDP reader features easier and more cost-effective installation because less cables are required. By using less cable, this allows for scalability to connect more field devices, reduces the cabling cost, and can lessen the overall project time. You can even connect multiple card readers in a multiple configuration; only one cable is used per reader to connect to the access controller.

One more benefit, the OSDP has the features of interoperability and standardization that can be use for communications among different manufacturers’ devices. OSDP is an open-platform protocol, making it interoperable for flexible integration and scalability. It is IP-extensible for next generation security applications and improves interoperability among security devices regardless of system architecture. PXR-92ES(K) reader provides, therefore, more flexibility and possibility for the enterprise with varied needs and allows for more devices to be added later on.

OSDP enables PXR-92ES(K)-OSP reader to be easily connected to control panels or other security management systems, thereby enhancing interoperability between security devices. Upgrade your access reader to Hundure PXR-92ES(K)-OSP OSDP reader immediately! Hundure RAC-2000WSN-OSP OSDP 2-door control panel is also available now.

Features of PXR-92ES-OSP/PXR-92ESK-OSP Reader

  • Support 125KHz EM card.
  • Reading distances are around 8~10 cm.
  • The touch keypad with backlight is waterproof, dustproof, durable and can control on or off. (PXR-92ESK-OSP)
  • IP65 rated ingress protection, suitable to install indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Adopt OSDP open protocol; Able to proceed two-way encrypted communication, and support programmable transmission key setting.
  • Provide casing tamper proof detection function. When it is damaged or disassembled by external force, the event is immediately stored and sent to the back-end management system.
  • Watchdog function secures system free from halting.

Features of RAC-2000WSN-OSP OSDP 2-Door Control Panel

  • Separated design for the controller and the reader, ensure when the reader is destroyed by unauthorized person, the controlled area cannot be invaded.
  • When the controller disconnect to PC, it can work alone and remain normal operation.
  • Supports 2 doors and 4 readers; Able to connect 4 x T2/Wiegand readers or 4 x OSDP readers for door controlled.
  • Adopt OSDP open protocol; Able to proceed two-way encrypted communication, and support programmable transmission key setting.
  • Built-in TCP/IP communication interface for connecting to PC.
  • Provide 15,000 cardholders, 40,000 transactions and 1,000 hardware events.
  • Support multiple alarm functions, like door is not closed, forced open door and reader broken.
  • Programmable disarm code.
  • Duress card/ code setting. When door opened in the emergency, control panel will send signal to control center at the same time for tracing and rescue.
  • Blacklist to prevent unknown usage of lost card.
  • Anti-Passback function.
  • Support two-door interlock. When one door is unlocked, the other door automatically locks.
  • Authorizations and swipe card records may save in the panel over 10 years after power off.
  • Support RTC function and on-board lithium battery ensures data storage can reach up to 180 days upon power outage.
  • Watchdog function secures system free from halting.


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