Hundure PXR-K1MWSK Vandal-Resistant Keypad Reader!!

Hundure PXR-K1MWSK Vandal-Resistant Keypad Reader

The case of PXR-K1 MWSK is made of zinc alloy to effectively prevent vandalism and its IP65 ingress protection design can be duly installed in both indoors and outdoors.

Besides, it can meet the tough environmental demands of public environment applications that may need to withstand resistance to inclement weather conditions, accidental damage and physical attack. PXR-K1MWSK is suitable for occasions that need high security levels such as banks and prisons.

It features ~

  • Vandal Resistance.
  • Solid Zinc Alloy Case.
  • IP65 Waterproof.
  • Withstand Harsh Environments.
  • Wiegand + RS-485 Dual Communication Interfaces.


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