Hundure Random Scrambling Reader Achieves High Security Performance!

Hundure Random Scrambling Reader Achieves High Security Performance

Having the access reader with variable button sorting, no longer worry about entered code being detected by onlookers!

PXR-RNMWSK Reader combines key scrambling with unique viewing angle restrictors, making it as one of the most highly secure intelligent door access readers. Its scramble keypads design prevents onlookers from detecting the code being entered. Unlike a conventional keyboard, there are no surface markings for the keys. Only a user standing directly in front of the keyboard can see the scrambled digits. Each time the scramble keypad is pressed, the digits 0 to 9 are randomly allocated set to the keypads 10 keys. Thus, when the keypad is used each time, the position of the numbers will change. There are millions permutations of passwords are available. This also ensures that the keys wear equally, even if the same code is always used.

PXR-RNMWSK provides high-security functionality which is beyond your expectation. It is an ideal solution for the door access control security. It is suitable for the higher-security requested environments, such as Bank Vault, Safe Deposit Box Room, Server Room, Data Center, Research Center, and Laboratory.

Key features of PXR-RNMWSK:

  • Provides Wiegand & RS-485 communication interfaces for more flexible applications.
  • In standby mode, touch any keys or swipe a card to have the numeric keys 0~9 randomly displayed. (The lower-left key and lower-right key are fixed to be "C" and "E" respectively)
  • Only the user standing in front of the reader can see the random digits ; No more worries about entered code detected by onlookers.
  • Provide Wiegand 34 as the default format; Other Wiegand formats are available by setting.
  • Conforms to ISO 14443A, supporting Mifare card.


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