Hundure RAC-850PxFA Face Recognition Controller- “TOUCH-FREE” Access Authentication!!
Fast and Accurate Identification!! Pass Fast Without Stop!!
RAC-850PxFA Race Recognition Controller features Touch-Free,High Privacy,3D Facial Recognition and Live Detection!
Hundure launches its OSDP access control reader to achieve the heightened secure communication!!
OSDP is a communication standard that brings more consistency, as well as heightened security and better interoperability among different manufacturers’ devices. By means of OSDP, Hundure PXR-92ES(K)-OSP readers offer the precise authentication and encrypted communication to improve greater security.
Hundure Hospital Visitor Management System ~ Utilized Dynamic QR Code to Effectively Manage Visitor Access!!
Providing a safe and efficient visiting restriction for hospital to reduce the risk of infection and ensure the safety of vulnerable patients!
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