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High Security Integration System from Hundure

Hundure has released their latest 'HCMS' system, the high-end security solution that integrated with Vivotek's IP camera and NVR system.

Hundure, a leading brand and manufacturer in Access Control, has been focused in making 'SA=Surveillance + Access control' solution for years.

They said, "Surveillance and Access controls have been playing their important and respective roles of tracking and management in the security system, but never have performed hand in hand in the same system before." For this reason and demands of the public, Hundure is now presenting their 'High Security SA' and is called as HCMS (Hundure Capture Management System) which combines the Hundure's Access Control system with acclaimed brand, Vivotek, in the surveillance field. Together, they believed, the HCMS solution will bring the best out of the security industry with brandnew eye-opening experiences.

When user swipes his access card or the system is triggered by an event of alerts, the HCMS system will call a Vivotek camera to take video or snap shot and send to the Vivotek’s NVR system, VAST, to record the ccess and events. These recorded event logs can be easily queried and retrieved afterwards from HCMS. At Hundure's roadmap of the year, there will be more systems of outstanding brands, like as QNAP, integrated in the Hundure's HCMSsolution for more applications from the global market.

PXR-92K PXR-94 RAC-2400NV ACU-100 HCMS HAMS-20