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  • Slim, stylish designs, sensitive touch keypad with blue backlight.
  • Reader tampers proof detection.
  • High security, using encryption with random code to saving finger characteristic.
  • Built-in RS-485 and TCP/IP communication interface. RS-485 interface is connecting with controller for access controlled. TCP/IP is connecting with PC for uploading fingerprint templates.
  • Large LCD screen display date and time.
  • RTC ensures to provide correct date and time.
  • The standard model supports 950 users with 2 fingerprint templates per user (Total 1,900 fingerprint templates.).
  • Quick and accurate fingerprint verification, supports 1:1 authentication & 1:N identification. And audible voice prompts guiding users during verification process.
  • Watchdog function secures system free from halting.
  • Conform to ISO 14443-A, support MIFARE/CPU card. (PXR-96MFSK, PXR-96MFSKL)
  • Unique ID or Block read format supported and programmable key A value. (PXR-96MFSK, PXR-96MFSKL)
  • Auto-learning function. 500 temporary card capacities under standalone operation for emergent open door. (PXR-96EFSKL, PXR-96MFSKL, PXR-96FSKL)
  • Bell key design, suit for various locations. (PXR-96EFSKL, PXR-96MFSKL, PXR-96FSKL)
  • Model No.

    PXR-96 EFSK


    Read Format

    125 KHz( EM )

    13.56 MHz (MIFARE®) - -

    Read Range

    8~10 cm

    3~5 cm - -


    32 Bit



    Fingerprint Capacity

    950 user capacity. ( 2 fingerprint templates per person)

    Identification Mode

    1:1 / 1:N

    1: N

    Identification Time

    1:1 <= 2 sec


    FAR / FRR

    <= 0.001% / <= 0.01%

    Fingerprint Sensor

    Optical CMOS Sensor

    LED Indicator

    Power / Comm.

    LCD Display

    128 x 64 Dot. Graphic Display with backlight


    17 Key (F1-F4, 0-9, *, #, Bell) (Sensitive Touch Keypad)

    Input Port

    1 sensor (Case Sensor) (PXR-96xFSK) 3 sensors (Door Sensor x 1, Exit Button x 1, Case Sensor x 1) (PXR-96xFSKL)

    Output Port

    Relay x 1 (Door Lock or Bell), O.C. Output x 2 (Door Lock / Alarm or Siren, external ACU-30) (PXR-96EFSKL, PXR-96MFSKL, PXR-96FSKL)

    Real Time Clock


    Beep Tone

    Buzzer & Operating steps sound

    ID or IP Setting

    Command setting by keypad

    Power Input

    DC 12V / 1A

    Current Consumption

    1A (max.)

    Comm. Interface

    RS-485 / TCP/IP

    Comm. Baudrate

    RS-485: 9,600/19,200 bps-N-8-1。TCP/IP: 10/100 Mbps

    Operating Temp.

    0° C ~ 55° C / 32° F ~ 131° F

    Relative Humidity

    20% ~ 80%(Non-condensing)


    140mm(L) x 130mm(W) x 41mm(H)

    Weight (Device)



    ※ Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.