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AAA Stationery is a well-known supplier of office stationery and office products, Having over 350 employees and 18 branch offices, they still use traditional timecard punch machine and manually calculate employees work hours, leaves and overtime hours at respective branch office.
In order to reduce the labor cost and make the management more efficiently, they decided to use an automated time & attendance system and had the below requirements :

1. Biometric verification feature is a must to eliminate e all "buddy punching"  but RFID card feature is still required.
2. Reduces labor costs by minimizing the need for overtime or weekend work.
3. Centralized management for all branches / employees and able to generate daily / monthly reports
4. TCP/IP (Ethernet) interface to PC for an easy management
5. Easy-to-use system to reduce time spent on manual tasks
6. Big memory capacity for transaction log storage and for more employees in the future
7. Holidays settings and other leaves request, including; maternity, paternity, sick leave....etc
8. Daily reports, monthly reports, Overtime reports, Leave reports, Work hour reports are required
9. Reports can be exported in TXT or XSL format for other applications

Through a long-term business partner, they tried and knew Hundure time attendance solution HTMS-86 was very friendly and had the features beyond all their requirements if it worked with hardware HTA-860PEF. They decided to use Hundure HTA-860 PEF fingerprint time attendance recorder to computerize their time attendance system and reduce the labor cost.

"We are very satisfied with the advanced time attendance solution HTMS-86 and HTA-860PEF time attendance recorder. No more buddy punching and all workforce can be easily and efficiently managed to reduce the labor cost.
All system costs have been covered shortly by reducing unnecessary overtime work hours and all employees' time attendance status or work hours can be easily tracked and controlled" HR manager Phil said.

Key features of HTA-860PEF :

Built-in Ethernet (TCP/IP) & RS-485 interfaces
22,000 cardholders
150,000 events
950 fingerprint users (1,900 fingerprint templates)
Optional 4,750 fingerprint users (9,500 fingerprint templates)
Simple access control function
Built-in 1 sensor (for Exit Button)
Built-in 1 relay (for Lock or Siren)
Capacitive touch keypad with blue backlight

Wire Fraud Prevention Notice
For the safety of your payment, please only wire the payment into our official bank account with the beneficiary name "Hundure Technology Co., LTD" and the beneficiary bank "First Commercial Bank Wu-Ku Branch" in TAIWAN with the swift code "FCBKTWTP"